Six Hours for Baptism

I am sitting at the airport (again) and waiting for my flight to Chicago. We will be baptizing people at the HMCC of Chicago church plant. As I am doing the math, I realized that I am going in for 6 hours to Chicago to do a simple baptism. During these situations, it is easy to start calculating:

• I will be missing our family tradition of the Easter egg hunt at Domino’s farm.
• Cost of flight to Chicago and back to AA for only a 1.5 hr baptism service
• I want to finish off my preparation for tomorrow’s big Easter Celebration
• I want to spend more time with Christina

But the thought of participating in our Chicago church members’ big moment is priceless. I guess it all depends on how we value things. But seeing people come to know Christ and publicly proclaiming their faith make it all worth it. Life transformation is a God thing… and it is an honor to be a part of it all.

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