Dependence Delivers

This past Sunday in Chicago was crazy. Not only did we arrive late due to the last minute driving, but the guys in Chicago were on their toes trying to get ready for anything. We were calling the Chicago staff guys all throughout our drive. I just told them to be ready for anything.

But for some reason, in spite of all the madness, God was very gracious to us. The Spirit moved powerfully as we responded to God in obedience.

To be completely honest, midway through our drive, I was wondering if it would be worth arriving past the half way mark of the celebration. I was even thinking about turning around. But with the openness of some of the guys to lay it all down and believe that God wanted to still work even though we were late, it gave me hope. I am glad that I did not give in to my doubts.

Here is an e-mail that I just received today:

hey guys,

well, what a sunday! haha! despite all the craziness, i think that was
one of our most powerful services from beginning to end. we also had
alot of newcomers and from talking with people, they were very
blessed. i think it’s good to get people out of the habit and routine
of things to listen to the Holy Spirit and hear God’s voice. maybe
this is what God was trying to teach us ;).

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