This Is My First Time…

There is this great joy knowing that you’ve participated in the “first time” of someone’s life. As some of you know, part of the worship team flies out with me to help out with the HMCC of Chicago church plant.

I am just amazed at the level of commitment of these worship team guys. Pretty much they get up early in the morning on Sunday… do 2 Sunday celebrations in Ann Arbor… fly out to Chicago… do the Sunday celebration in Chicago… then fly back to Ann Arbor… and by the time they get home ready it is almost 1AM. It is not a glamorous life. In fact there have been several times when we looked at each other and have asked, “So… why are we doing this?!” This is when we have to refocus and remember it is all about the Kingdom.

This is why there is great joy when I am able to get complementary 1st class upgrade and due to all my miles, I am able to have a “colleague” get a free upgrade with me. This Sunday I was trying to get Victor (our drummer) on to 1st class with me. Once we found out that the 1st class cabin was all full, we were pretty bummed.

Therefore, we knew it was God’s favor when there was one seat that was not taken. I ended up talking with some NWA agents and got Vic up to 1st class. But the best part of this was that Vic experienced 2 “my first time”…

For the first time, Vic saw the door of the plane open up (something that less than 1% of the passengers get to see) and…

For the first time, Vic was the first person to depart the plane. He was like a little kid with a new toy. It was a delight to see. (Vic this is my shout out bro!)

I realized that there is something about seeing joy and happiness in people that makes it all worthwhile, as you try to help people experience things for “the first time.” No wonder sharing the Gospel and helping people come to know Christ is one of the greatest joys we can experience in our lifetime.

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