Workaholic Anonymous

I might have to enter into a 12-step program. This week I did not have to prepare any sermons and my meetings with people settled down a bit due to UM’s Spring Break. At first, this weird feeling came over me (withdrawal symptoms?). But then it hit me that I was not doing some of my weekly routine of preparing sermons and presentations.

One complaint (or shall I say one of many) that Christina has with me is that I am constantly “busy” doing something. She has said on numerous occasions that I need to “learn” how to relax, just enjoy the moment and stop thinking about the things that I need to “do.”

I am slowing learning… but the lessons are very hard to completely grasp.

But it has been good spending some quality time with the family in these down times. Also, spending some more quality personal time to reflect and envision for the future has been very good for me.

It is interesting that the first step in the 12-step program is: We admitted we were powerless over (fill in the blank) — that our lives had become unmanageable.

Hmm… maybe the more unmanageable things are in our lives, the more we will acknowledge that we are powerless. When we admit to our powerlessness that is when we look to our Powerful God.

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