Truly Torturous

This past Sunday in Ann Arbor, I had to wear an USC t-shirt while I preached God’s Word. I know, I know… it is worst than the defilement of the Israelite people by offering sacrifices to the Baal gods.

But we all need to be a person of our word. I guess a “friendly” pastors’ bet is a “friendly” pastor’s bet.

Someone from California better come to know the Lord because of this… HA!

The only comfort in all this was yesterday’s score of 41-14.
PSeth USC Shirt1.JPG
I was smiling on the outside, but crying on the inside. As the church made a hissing noise, I said, “Trust me… it is worse for me, than you.”
PSeth USC Shirt2.JPG
Just in case you did not see the tiny USC label in the front.

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