Project Snowflake

The Creative Worship Team and with the help of the Arts Department in our church came out with a Christmas CD. This has been a dream of our church to see people using their gifts and talents for the Lord and also somehow connecting it to the greater vision of God’s Kingdom. Therefore, it encouraged […]

A Phrase to Ponder On

This past month, during one of my prayer times, the Lord placed this phrase in my heart – “multiple churches in multiple communities and campuses.” We are entering into a new era of the Church. The more I look at the Book of Acts, the more I am noticing how the early Church brought the […]

Business and Missions

I was picked up at the airport and I ended up going directly to a meeting with some guys in our church that started up a company called, Rain Capital. It was a bit humbling to be sitting around a table with some UM Business School graduates and a professor at UM’s Ross Business School. […]

Prayer Driving

After our prayer gathering and some time of fellowship, a couple of us decided to drive down to University of Illinois-Chicago (UIC). We drove around the campus and I ended up getting a mini-tour. It was just eye-opening to see the great need on this campus. Even though the campus is known for being a […]

Renewing Our Hearts for Prayer

We had a great time in finishing off our last ACCESS gathering for this semester in Chicago. I reviewed everything we covered this semester in our series, “Training for Transformation.” It just reminded me once again the need for doing ministry with a clear vision and purpose. Once in awhile in our church, after some […]

Enjoying the Drive

The more we realize that we are not in control, the more we learn how to trust in God. Due to the snowstorm throughout the Midwest in last couple of days, many flights today were canceled. I tried to get another flight with other airlines but got the same results – they were all canceled. […]

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