Wedding in December

We came back from the youth retreat on Friday, late evening and then in the morning we had to get ready for Pastor Andrew and Nickey’s wedding. It was a crazy last 4-5 days, but what a day to have a wedding – high 40’s, low 50’s in December!

At every wedding there is an array of emotions. Parents are happy for their children, but yet sad because they are “giving” their child away. Married people are nostalgic of their wedding day, but yet realistic as they go through struggles in their marriages. Singles are excited, but yet anxious wondering when it will be their turn. Divorced people are hopeful, but yet cynical realizing that marriage did not bring the fulfillment that they once thought. Widows are pensive, but yet sad at their lost. Little kids are energized as they can run around free, but yet disappointed because the fun has to end some time.

For the pastor?

Well, he feels all of the above in a unique way.

Congratulations, Andrew and Nickey! We are very proud of you and happy for you.

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