Kenya Update 3

There is a saying that people use quite often – “It is like riding a bike.” It means that once you have learned how to ride a bike you will always know how to ride one, even though you have not been on one for a long time. This principle applies for a lot of things.

I told the team before we left for Kenya that we have to remember the triple A’s when it comes to missions – Availability, Attitude, and Actions. I emphasized the importance of “availability” and that we have to be willing to do anything and everything. The hardest part of being a leader is living out the very thing you teach/preach to people.

Therefore, when we learned that we needed to do a Christmas VBS for the children on the base, we needed someone to lead the songs with motions. Since we were limited in our options, we I had no choice… haha! I had to dig deep into the earlier years of ministering in VBS’s. Even though it took me some time to remember all the motions to “Making Melodies,” we were able to have a great time with the children on the base.

The other team members were at the hospital again doing some rounds as well as doing some teaching with the staff members. One of our engineers, John has been working on the computer network system at the hospital. Therefore, we have all been very busy.

Then in the afternoon, we continued to meet with the youths. We finished off our series, “Becoming a Person of Influence.” We talked about Daniel and Hannah and how they made a difference through their lives.

We are now getting ready for our ministry in the Keiro Valley. There are some hesitations due to the fact that there was some tribal warfare in the past, but we are going in faith and believing that God will protect us as we share the love of God. We will be doing a mobile clinic, as well as ministering to people with God’s Word. We really need your prayers.

Here are some pictures:
Dr. Peter helping out with a surgery
Kevin and Liz working with a Sudanese medical resident who is expected to be one of the top doctors in Sudan in the future.
Pastor Ben helping out with crafts at the children’s VBS.
Digging deep to my inner VBS passion – I think the kids thought I was crazy!
What is the probability of having 3 people with the same birthdays in a group of 20 people? We are all June 15th b-days – we bonded instantly!

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