Sleep Apnea Part 2

In one of my earlier posts, I mentioned that I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. Yesterday, I went in for another evaluation. This was a little bit more sophisticated because four different doctors were there to analyze me (they were all ranging from an ENT to an oral surgery). The whole consultation literally took about 4 hours.

I am still waiting for the results of their consultation. Supposedly, in order to get that many doctors in one consultation, I was told either I was a VIP or I had some connections. Trust me, it was because I had some connections – I want to thank the doctors in our church.

But something funny happened that just made me laugh afterwards. I had to fill out a lot of forms. One in particular had me fill out a questionnaire… one of questions asked, “In moments of inactivity (reading, watching TV, etc), do you find yourself dozing off?” I answered it as “mildly true.” After filling out the forms, they put me in a room where I had to wait for the various doctors to come. As I was waiting (moments of inactivity), I dozed off. HA! I wanted to go back and change my answer.

Please pray for me. I realized all the years of getting so little sleep is finally catching up with me.