The Ten Faces of Innovation

Awhile back, a member in our church got a book for me to read. It was a business book written by the founders of IDEO. I just finished it on my flight back to Ann Arbor.

The book talks about strategies that drive creativity throughout an organization and the people that are needed to make things happen. In fact, it talks about 10 specific roles that every company or organization should have in order to make an impact.

It was interesting to note that for every role that was mentioned in the book, I was able to think of someone in our church that matched the description. More and more, I am convinced that a great church is made up of great people… and when you have great people, you can make a great team… and when you have a great team, you can do great things!

It is privilege to serve in Ann Arbor and in Chicago with great people who have counted the cost and who are passionate about transformation.

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