UG Retreat 2006

God did some incredible things at the Undergraduate Retreat this year. It was good re-connecting with the heart and soul of our church – the college students. As I was hanging out with them, it brought back a lot of memories of my college years, as well as the first two years of our church. Things were simpler then… but the heart was the same. If the Lord allows me, I don’t mind doing college ministry for the rest of my life!

I still won’t forget the last night of the retreat – the Holy Spirit descended on the place and met us powerfully. Instead of going through the routine of things after the message, the Holy Spirit was leading us to wait upon Him. As we were praying there was a breakthrough when the Presence of God fell into the room. Even as the pastors, staff members and intercessors were praying for people, there was a tremendous anointing.

More and more, I am coming to the conclusion that when God blesses people it is not necessary because He loves us (no matter how scandalous that might sound)… he blesses people because His Name and glory are on the line. In spite of our lack of prayer and preparation, God worked powerfully because of His reputation. It is all about Him!
UG Retreat2006 Worship.JPG
God met us during the powerful times of worship
UG Retreat2006 Sermon.JPG
God doing spiritual surgery through the hearing of His Word
UG Retreat2006 Worship2.JPG
The Holy Spirit descended upon us and ministered unto us on the last night

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