2006 Senior Class

I walked into the long anticipated meeting with the senior class a little late due to another meeting I had at another place. I really did not know what to expect. Usually my meetings with people are more one-on-one… and they are usually in a counseling context. The senior class called this meeting because they wanted to get to know me… I was like, “hmm… better late than never, huh?” Haha!

To my surprise there were 20+ people in the room. We had a great time. In fact, I learned a lot of different things as we went around and told something that was unique to us… it was awesome to see how God created all of us so differently. I learned everything from speed limits in Montana to why someone can’t eat thin slice pizzas. I shared some crazy moments from my life. Within the 1.5 hours we spent together, I really sensed that we were connecting and I realized that this is a special class.

I am praying that God will use them to reach the nations. Some of them will be going overseas and to other places for jobs, while others (majority) will be sticking around in Ann Arbor. The future looks bright because we have people who want to live for God and His purposes.

What started off as an awkward gathering of 24 people turned out to be a blessing.
Thanks U-Soul!

p.s. I am at peace since I understand what U-Soul stands for now.

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