Brotherly Love

This is an inspiring story. If you have time, read this article about a brother (plays football at Clemson) who decided to take care of his younger brother because their mother is a drug addict and their father is addicted to gambling. “This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his […]

Life is More Than Just Soccer

What a long day! The family and I just came back from a day-long soccer tournament. Josiah made the Ann Arbor Arsenal Premier traveling team. They had teams from all over the state of Michigan. Some even drove as far as 3-4 hours to make it to this tournament. In all honesty, it was pretty […]

1st Day of (pre)School

Time is flying by so quickly… yesterday was KiKi’s first day of pre-school. It seems like only yesterday when we brought her home from the hospital. For some reason, releasing her to go to school was harder than the two previous times with the boys. I think my “protective-father” side came out. But then I […]

Out on the Edge

I was reading a book recently and there was a quote in there that captured my attention. Olive Drane said, “I remember being at a workshop on leadership at which a nun drew a diagram of how different human systems connect. Neat circles intersected in different ways until she drew a line flying off the […]

Jewish Youth Camp

I was at the Detroit airport getting ready to go to a youth conference out in the East Coast. As I was sitting at the gate, waiting for my flight to take off, I noticed that there was a large number of young Jewish boys waiting for the same plane. Without knowing all the details, […]

Motivated by Pride

Before the summer started, Christina and I talked about accomplishing some things around the house. One project that she wanted me to do was to put up the bike racks in the garage so that there will be less clutter. The months of May, June, and July quickly passed. I had good reasons why the […]

4th of July Reflections

My family and I ended up going to a local town in the suburbs of Chicago to see the fireworks. It was good to spend time with my older sister Diane and her husband. All my family members were there except for Marc, my younger brother. He was out in California. As the fireworks were […]

Lessons Learned from Disney World

Our family had the privilege of going away on a mini-vacation for about six days with two other pastors’ families. Through some helpful connections, we were able to spend time together in Disney World. We just got back today. In spite of the 90+ weather and all the walking, it was such a treat for […]

The Center of It All

Another birthday came and went. With my scattered brain tendencies, whenever someone asks me when my birthday is I always tell them, “How good are you at math?” They are always thrown off because of my question. But eventually I take them through these steps: 1) How many months are there in a year? 2) […]

Learning to Ride a Bicycle

There is a lesson to be learned every single day. I still remember the first time I went ice skating and how often I fell on the ice. I still remember the first time going skiing and tumbling down the slopes. I will never forget the first time I tried riding a bike. It was […]

The Big 10th

People say that the 10th, 25th and 50th wedding anniversaries are the big ones. They are supposed to be very significant mile markers in a marriage. Well, Christina and I just passed our first mile marker yesterday. I cannot believe we have been married for 10 years. It will be awesome to live long enough […]

Promotion Ceremony

Tonight, Elliot was graduating from kindergarten. Instead of calling it a graduation ceremony, they coined it as a “promotion ceremony.” At first, I thought it was a bit weird calling a graduation ceremony as a promotion ceremony, but then I gave it some thought. One of the definitions of “promotion” in The American Heritage Dictionary […]

NU Women’s Soccer Hazing

Northwestern University has been on the news recently. The university suspended its women’s soccer team as the school investigates the alleged hazing incident from last year. As we are getting ready to plant a church on the Northwestern University campus, it just dawned upon me the ever-increasing need for prayer. Without prayer, we will not […]

The Da Vinci Code – To Watch or Not To Watch

This coming weekend the movie “The Da Vinci Code” will be playing in movie theaters all across the United States and around the world. Dan Brown’s book has struck a nerve with some of the evangelical Christians. In fact, there are a lot of Christians that are going to boycott this movie. If you have […]

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