Two Important Days for Men


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This past weekend there were two significant observances. On November 19th, it was the International Men’s Day and then on November 20th it was the National Adoption Day. For some reason, I just found the two back-to-back commemorative days a bit interesting.

The International Men’s day was created to address some of the issues men faced worldwide, as well as to acknowledge some of the positive contributions they have made in society. But from various reports (U.S. Departments of Health, Labor and Education) it is estimated that close to 85% of homeless adults, 90% of prisoners, 65% of high school dropouts, 80% of suicide deaths, and 93% of occupational deaths are attributed to men. Also, many babies that are given up for adoption is a result of men who failed to take responsibility for their actions.

This is the reason why I think these two commemorative days should be linked.

The Church has to play a role in developing and producing REAL men. When we raise up men who – Reject passivity, Exemplify integrity, Accept responsibility and Lead courageously – then we will see some of the statistics start to change. This is a very important call for the Church. As more men take up the challenge of living up to God’s plan for manhood, we will start to witness stronger marriages, families, and societies being built up.

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