The Ultimate Sacrifice

  Photo from dunia-kita       All over Indonesia, Muslims are celebrating Idul Adha today. The Idul Adha is known as the “Festival of Sacrifice.” It highlights, Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son Ishmael to Allah. The celebration will last throughout this weekend. It is a time where many people go back to their […]

Thanksgiving 2010 Reflections

  Photo from PC World       As I am getting older, I am seeing the correlation between gratitude and remembrance. In essence, the more we remember, the more we can develop a heart of gratitude. Now, one caveat in this simple principle is the assumption that we have learned how to see life […]

Hearing God’s Voice

  Photo on WordPress       I have always been fascinated with moms who are able to hear the cry of their baby in a room filled with crying babies. It has to be a special gift because for most fathers, all crying sounds made by babies sound the same. The intimate relationship the […]

The U.S. Can Learn a Few Things

  Photo from       The world is changing; and it is changing at rapid speeds. When it comes to global issues such as the military, healthcare, environmental concerns, the economy, and etc. the United States has always led the way and the discussions. But the winds are slowly changing and it seems […]

The Problem with Power

  Photo from Myers Elementary School       This past week, I have been thinking a lot about the issue of power or authority. Everywhere you look there are people who have power and authority – the power to make decisions, the power to direct people, the power to open up opportunities and the […]

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