Following Our Calling

Today I was reading something about leadership and I came across this thought by Kirsten Strand. In her article, “Following A Tough Call” she writes: “I have learned that ignoring a calling can lead to depression, anger, frustration, and a deep dissatisfaction with life. And I have learned that following a calling can also lead […]

Business and the Church

It is exciting to be in the discussion of how business and church (viewed mostly as trying to mix oil and water) can co-exist to benefit various communities. This is something we at HMCC have believed in for some years now. I have told many people that if there is a business principle that works […]

Reconnecting with an Old Friendship

Even though this past weekend was busy with so much going on, we had July Acosta, an old family friend from Mexico visit us for a day. As we were talking, we realized that our families have known each other for almost 11 years. I was reminiscing about the joys that we shared together throughout […]

Taking Up the Challenge

        As we start off the new term with the Spring schedule, it is going to be moving full steam ahead. I am pumped to start this new series on Sunday. Usually the Spring and Summer terms are a bit slower, but with so many things that are on the horizon, we […]

TEAM Community Summit 2008 Update

I just came back from the leadership summit. It was a great 2.5 days of being in God’s Presence. We spent good quality time preparing and praying for the new season of ministry coming up. The part that blessed me the most was having the Chicago guys come and join us for the summit. Also […]

TEAM Community Summit 2008

Today, the leaders of our churches will be gathering together to train and pray for the new season of ministry. I am excited about this year’s leadership summit. There is a sense of newness. We are bringing on one of the largest class of people who will be serving in our church as small group […]

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