Family Trip 2007

I am back on the blog sphere. I realized that trying to catch up on all the e-mails and correspondence over a week period will take some time… please be patient as I try to get to them as soon as I can.

Our time together as a family in the last 5 days was a blessing. Everyone from my immediate side of the family was there; therefore, it was kind of like a reunion of some sorts. We hung out visiting some of the beautiful beaches as well as eating together and enjoying each other’s company.

It took several days to “detox” from all the e-mails and busyness of church and just “relax” with the family. A person doesn’t realize how dependent they are to it until it is taken away.

One great part of the trip was to see my side of the family interact with the kids. There is something about kids that brings a joy to people’s hearts.
Hotel View.JPG
The view from our room where I was able to spend personal time in the morning
Sunset Pix with Christina.JPG
Enjoying the sunset with the love of my life

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