Camping with Josiah

Josiah and I are going to get away for a day and a half. We are heading out to a camping site. We are going to “rough” it out with a tent and everything. We are going to see how long we can last without a restaurant 🙂

Christina and I have been talking about spending some personal time with the boys one-on-one when they turn 10 years old. Josiah is going to enter into the 5th grade where they teach about sex education. Christina and I decided that I should be the first one to talk about this topic.

Hmm… I am trying to decide if I should take the metaphoric approach with the “birds and the bees” or if I should take the scientific and biological approach… maybe somewhere in between. This is when you wish you had a training manual for this.

It is going to just be a good time of bonding.

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