Ridiculous Air Transformation Stories #1445

Can an airline cancel a flight 20 minutes before boarding? Yes! We had to find out the hard way. This Sunday we called in to make sure that the flight to Chicago was on time. As soon as we got to the gate we found out that the flight was cancelled. We did everything to scramble and find another flight leaving to Chicago to get us to the 5:05PM Sunday Celebration.

All the flights with Northwest, American, United, and Continental were booked solid!

Then it left us with only 2 options:

1) Not go to Chicago
2) Drive to Chicago and arrive a bit late

We chose option #2.

We left Ann Arbor at around 4:00PM EST.
We arrived in Evanston around 6:15PM CST.

You do the math.

The driver (who is to be unnamed) was repenting all the way to Chicago.

p.s. Does anyone have a jet to donate for the Lord’s work?

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