New Valentine’s Tradition?

I had everything planned out for an intimate dinner for two at our place (candle lights and all). After putting the kids to sleep, I was planning on a nice dinner and some quiet time alone just between the two of us. But all the plans went out the window when Christina said, “I think it will be good if we have dinner with the kids and show them how much we love them especially on Valentine’s Day.”

You should have seen my face!

I realized that being flexible is a very good trait for a missionary, BUT NOT on Valentine’s Day, especially when a person planned so hard for the night!

Somewhat reluctant and trying to figure out a way to explain to people what we did for Valentine’s Day, we went out for dinner. We explained to the kids that everyday we need to express our love to one another and to people around us. We also said that it should not only be on Valentine’s Day where we remind ourselves of the responsibility to love.

After dinner and as we were enjoying our dessert together, we decided to go around the table and share one thing that we loved about each other. We went clockwise and then counterclockwise so that everyone would hear two things that they are loved for.

In the midst of sharing our love, I couldn’t help but to notice a gentleman with some flowers waiting for “someone” to come and join him. As I looked over at his table (constantly), I couldn’t help to notice that 30 minutes have gone by. He finally decided to order his food by himself. The thought that this man might possibly get “stood up” stuck in my mind. Then I couldn’t help think about how blessed I was to sit in a table with people that love me.

There are many lonely people in the world. The challenge for us to invite them into our lives is inconvenient but the rewards are eternal.

I don’t know what we will do next year, but I think I like this new tradition that we have started. Maybe we will stop when the kids are sick and tired of us 🙂

Therefore, I will have to choose another day to celebrate V-Day with Christina…

p.s. For those of you who are wondering, Christina and I did spend some time together after putting the kids to sleep.

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