Saints “Still” Marching On

I am at the O’Hare airport in Chicago right now and there are so many New Orleans Saints fans. The dedication of these fans is pretty impressive… they flew all the way here to root their Saints on. What amazes me more is that they are all still wearing their Saints jerseys (and very proudly I might add).

Maybe I am reading too much into things but there must be something about going through adversities (Hurricane Katina) that endears people to one another or to some thing.

What endears us to our fellow Christians? Sometimes it is hard getting along with one another. I am guessing this is why we have to focus on Christ more than anything else. We are on the same team… fighting the same enemy.

It would have been a Cinderella story if New Orleans went all the way, but since they had to go through the Chicago Bears, it would have been hard for me to see that happen 🙂 Da Bears!

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