DDR – Kids’ Version

Do you know what this is?
DDR Picture.JPG

It is called DDR (Dance, Dance Revolution). My brother-in-law bought this for the kids for Christmas… and it has been a hit with the kids.

The concept is pretty simple. The person moves his feet to a pattern that appears on the TV to a beat of a song. This version that we have is a kids’ version… but the hilarious part is that it has all these 80’s songs on it. Songs that the kids have no idea about but Christina and I know almost all of them – go figure… haha!

I realized that this is a great way for the kids to get some exercise as well as teaching them how to get some beat. Karissa is pretty natural at it… I don’t know whether I should be scared or happy.

But we are trying to still beat Christina… she is the DDR champion of the Kim family!

DDR - Kids.JPG
The kids getting their groove on
KiKi is aspiring to beat out her mommy and become the next DDR champion

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