Northwestern Meeting

Christina and I drove out to Northwestern University yesterday. It was a fun drive because we ended up reminiscing about our courting days. I couldn’t believe the number of times we went to the “rocks” to look at Lake Michigan… the number of drives down Lake Shore Drive and Sheridan Road. Then the million dollar comment by Christina – “You were SO romantic then…” Yes, that infamous pause. It is the pause that leaves all of us in suspense. I will finish off Christina’s sentence – “You were SO romantic then (pause), but now you are even more romantic than ever!” J/k. It is amazing how places stir up our emotions and bring back great memories.

We finally arrived to the dorm where we were going to meet the people who were interested in the church plant. There were some old HMCC people and we were blessed to see four Northwestern University students. They were all freshmen, bright-eyed and excited. They reminded me a lot of the freshmen that we started the church with in Ann Arbor.

I shared the vision about the new church plant with everyone again. After the meeting, we ended up just talking together. I am excited about what God is going to do here in NU, as well as in the greater Chicagoland area.

This is truly a God-thing. Everything that we do has to come from the direct leading of the Holy Spirit. We are completely dependent on Him. Some doors are slowly opening. Please join us in prayer.

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