Leadership Network Update

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Yesterday was a full day. We went through some back-to-back sessions. But it was great to sit down some of the guys in ministry and talk about topics that applied to where we were at the present moment in ministry.

I realized that getting into smaller group and just picking each other’s brains is helping in sharpening each other. We also had some presentations that talked about organizational change and constructs. Dave Gibbons gave some principles and “grids” for us to consider, while Ken Fong challenged us with the importance of “capturing the imagination” of our people.

Then we had a great dinner by the beach. The best interactions happen over a meal.

I am leaving with a lot of things to process and think through in the context of our church. I will have the plane ride to process things.
Bob Roberts and Seth.JPG
I loved hanging out with Bob Roberts… he is the real deal

History Is Made

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Obama and Biden.jpg
Photo: Reuters
Tonight as we were eating dinner, some of the people who had iPhones were checking the election updates. By the time we were having dessert it was pretty clear that Obama won the election.

When I got back to the hotel room, I was watching the concession speech by John McCain. As I was listening to him, I gained a whole new level of respect for him. Not only was he gracious in his speech, but he was able to calm some of the crowd’s boos and jeers when Obama was mentioned.

As the camera panned out, it was hard not to notice that the crowd was almost 100% white. What a completely different picture when I saw the celebration held in Chicago on the Obama camp.

Regardless of how people voted, the key thing is to remember to pray for the President-elect Obama.