Tyler’s 2 Years Old Gathering

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On Sunday, the family and I meant up with Christina’s side of the family to celebrate Tyler’s birthday. He is 2 years old and our kids love their cousin. It is incredible to see how a kid grows up so quickly. I was reminded of the time when our kids were at Tyler’s age. He is truly adorable. Alex and Ginny are expecting their 2nd child in mid-November.

It is always a blessing to see our kids interact with their cousins. I always have a greater appreciation for the extended family whenever I head out to Chicago.

My parents also enjoyed spending some time with the kids. For some reason, I feel as if they are more extravagant in their lavishing of love on my kids than they were on me. But then again, for them to put up with someone like me, they really had to have a lot of love.
Tyler's 2 Yr B-Day.jpg
The Kim and Chung families at Bob Chinn’s
Tyler and the Kids.jpg
Tyler is the center of attention
Tyler and Present.jpg
Tyler didn’t want to let go of his present

Sunday at HMCC of Chicago 08.17.08

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It was great worshipping with the HMCC family in Chicago. Usually when I am there, I am preaching. But this past Sunday I was able to just worship the Lord by giving the announcements and hearing Pastor Jimmy preach. Some people in our church like to call my announcement giving as “sermon-noucements” but I like to call them “announcemenettes” :-)

We ended up praying for the team of people who will be heading up the UIC site in September. I was reminded how God used ordinary people like Christina and me to start up the church in Ann Arbor. We have a great group of guys who want to make a difference with their lives for Jesus.

The harvest truly plentiful and we are going to do everything we can to reap that harvest.