Mother’s Day 2008

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With the busyness of hosting people, the kids and I were able to celebrate Mother’s Day with Christina. We just slipped away in our room to have Christina open up her present. It was cool seeing the kids write a personal card for their mother throughout this week.

We are all thankful for Christina. It is incredible to see all the things that she does for the family. It was a blessing to see her face with surprise as we were getting ready to go to Sunday Celebration.
Mom's Day 2008.JPG
It is always great seeing the kids just as excited to see mom open her present

Dr. Steve and Family’s Visit Update

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It was a great having Dr. Steve and his family over in Ann Arbor. Our family enjoyed our time with Steve’s family. Christina and I had an opportunity to reconnect with Steve and Betty. It was great seeing the kids connect together as well. As they are getting older on both sides, they are slowly able to hang out more. I think the “High School Musical” drew them closer together.

Even though it was a bit hectic with all the gatherings and eating times, Steve and I were able to have some moments where we just talked and shared. As I am getting older, I am learning how to appreciate the friendships that have developed over the years.

Steve did a great job of ministering to our college students on Friday nights as he shared about the work in Kapsowar. Then he ministered to our leadership team on Saturday morning and then in the evening, we set up a meeting with some of the health care professionals in our church. Then on Sunday he shared God’s Word on how our weaknesses can be used for God’s glory.

Our family is looking forward to seeing the Lee family again as a few of our good friends’ family will gathering together during the summer.
Steve and Med Outreach08.JPG
Steve is fielding questions from the healthcare professionals in our church
Steve and Betty 08.JPG
This picture was taken after dinner and we went for a coffee run