Wholly Devoted

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I just came back from the first night of the Single Adult Retreat. It was great worshipping with the “older” crowd in our church.

In the message, the “one thing” that I shared was – “A heart devoted to God will live out the purposes of God.” We looked into the life of King Solomon and how his heart was divided towards the end of his life. But it was his father (King David) that followed after God, even though his life was marred by mistakes and failures.

There is something powerful about a heart that is fully devoted…

Dreams become a reality.

Soccer Mania

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Canton Cup.gif
Today, Josiah and his Ann Arbor Arsenal Team participated in the Canton Cup Tournament. It is a pretty historic tournament with close to 500+ teams all over Michigan coming together to compete.

Every time I go to Josiah’s games, it brings back memories of the “glory days” of when I played soccer as a youth. Sometimes I think the parents get into it more than the kids :-)

It has brought great joy to our hearts to see Josiah develop as a player over the years. We will keep on letting him play as long as he wants to continue to play. When a person loses passion for something then it is time for them to change directions. As of now, the man is passionate about soccer.

We are so proud of him.

Here are some pictures from previous games:
Josiah Soccer1.JPG
A clear breakaway – the man got some skills
Josiah Soccer2.JPG
Here is an action shot – Josiah is developing good form