Thoughts on “The Jesus Creed”

      Recently, I finished reading Scot McKnight’s book, “The Jesus Creed.” There are just some books that cause you to love God more – this is one of those books. There are a handful of books that are in the same caliber – Knowing God, Loving God, The Pursuit of God, and Desiring […]

Celebrating Another New Life

I just received an e-mail from the staff at HMCC of Chicago and they shared some good news. Someone in their small group ministry came to know Christ recently. Yea God! The momentum is building and lives are changing. It is things like this that makes serving the Lord a great privilege.

The Morning After

The boys were disappointed that they could not see the NCAA Finals since it was so late in the evening. Even Christina could not last until the end. Therefore, I was celebrating my victory in the 2007 NCAA tournament bracket all by myself. There is something about celebrating victories together with other people that makes […]

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