Chillin’ at Navy Pier

We continued in our family adventure as we headed out to Navy Pier today. God blessed us with some great weather. We ended up at the Children’s Hands-On Museum and spent some time there. The kids had a lot of fun. I realized that kids learn best from being able to use all of their senses, especially touch in order to discover things.

We ended up building a small house (or fort). Here is the before picture:
Building - Before.JPG
And the after:
Building - After.JPG
The kids also hung out at a kitchen area to make some make some “pretend” food. Christina is dead set on having the boys learn how to feel comfortable in the kitchen… HA!
Kids Cooking.JPG
We also hopped on to a make-shift ambulance, where it gave us a feel of what happens inside one of these vehicles. Josiah insisted on driving.
Then my sweetheart and I took a break. I don’t know about her but I was tired from going to one station to another. They made this cool looking chair out of carved wood. It was Big Brother watching over us.
Christina and Me.JPG

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