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The pastoral staff and our Directors of Programming people usually like to come up with the whole year’s preaching schedule before the school year starts. I know that some people are not in favor of this because it seemed too planned and we are not allowing the Holy Spirit guide us from week to week. But I have found this to be the contrary. In fact, there have been many times within the last 10 years when a series we have planned months before was the exact topic that we needed to cover at that time. Also, it allows our various ministry teams to prepare ahead of time to produce different presentations to help augment the message.

Bottom line is that we do not want people to find a reason not to receive Christ. The only reason that we will be open to is that the cross is offensive and they willingly choose to reject it.

With all this being said, we decided to cover various topics that we felt hindered people in their journey with Christ. We wanted to see greater freedom in people’s lives – freedom from bondage and freedom to love God unashamedly. Hence, the new series that we will start in 4 weeks called “Naked.” We got the title from Gen 2:25, “The man and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame.”

Too many Christians live with shame, guilt and unforgiveness that make it hard for them to really live the full and abundant life that Christ offers to us. It is our prayer that God will use this series to bring health back into the Church and put a greater hunger and thirst for Him alone.

Check out the promo and introduction to the Naked Series.

The website will be somewhat interactive so that you can type in your testimonies and even contact us for prayer. We also have resources that are available to help you in your journey.

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The Morning After

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Observation: The more you are invested, the greater the lost and greater the pain.

We ended up borrowing a TiVo machine from someone so we can watch the game in semi-real time. We were able to finish off our Sunday Celebration and have people come over to Peter’s place. We were about 2 hours behind in the game.

After watching the kickoff return, there was a lot of joy and jubilation, but it all went downhill from there.

But an interesting thing happened. As people were waiting for everyone else to get there, they decided to flip through the channel. Word of advice: NEVER change the channel when you are recording on TiVo

We were into the 3rd quarter and almost caught up in real-time, when all of sudden it changed into the American Idol version for Grease.

I cannot tell you the feeling that fell over the room… we were ready to crucify!

So we ended up just watching it in real-time and when we saw the score in the 4th quarter with about 4:20 left, our hearts sank. It was so painful. But maybe it was God’s grace. Instead of prolonging the suffering, this was quick and to the point.

I think it took us longer to cope with the lost due to watching half of the game and then jumping right into the last 4 minutes.

Alas, it is a new day and life goes on.