Indonesia’s Independence Day 2009

        Today marked the celebration of Indonesian’s independence from the Netherlands. On Friday 10:00AM, August 17, 1945 the official proclamation was made to the world. Every August 17th is a joyous occasion for all Indonesians. There are many festivals, parades and activities usually planned for several days to celebrate their day of […]

New Strategies of Outreach

  One of the biggest dangers is settling for the status quo. One phrase that we try not to use in HMCC is – “It’s because we have always done it that way.” If we get too comfort or locked into a particular way of doing things, then there is a good possibility that we […]

Michael Vick and the Gospel

  Photo by AP       It was interesting to hear the responses by various people and sports commentators about Michael Vick signing a contract with the Philadelphia Eagles. After serving 18 months in prison for running a dogfighting ring, Vick was reinstated with conditions by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Now, this is going […]

Dreams Build Our Faith

        I was reading the other day an article that Rick Warren wrote about faith. He said, “Faith is like a muscle: it can be strengthened. It can be weak or it can be strong, depending on how much you use it. How does God build your faith? The first thing God […]

Getting Lost

  Photo by Corey Amaro       Driving in Indonesia is incredibly fun. I still can’t believe the freedom that drivers have on the roads. You can throw away the “rules of the road” manual in Indonesia. Rules are usually suggestions and driving etiquettes are luxuries. Also, it is not the cars that you […]

Passion and Talent

  The YouTube below just reminded me about the importance of passion and talent. When those two things come together it makes a powerful combination. Passion is often times the fuel that enables a person to do something, while the talent is the tools or the instrument in which we can accomplish things. There are […]

“We Are the Foreigners”

  Photo from Empire and Sleep       I have found myself constantly repeating the phrase, “we are the foreigners, not the Indonesians.” When it comes to doing cross-cultural missions, it is easy to see everything from a self-centered perspective. Christina and I have been feeling some of the frustrations of not being able […]

Flexibility is the Key

  We are planning on getting our cell phones and SIM cards this Saturday (FINALLY). It is hard to believe that it has been about a week without a cell phone. I have been temporarily using someone else’s cell phone and another alumnus has given us another phone for our team to use. After dropping […]

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