2008 H-Games

        Tomorrow we are going to have our annual H-Games as a whole church. This is one event that all the different lifestages come together for. I enjoy it because this is where we can have some great fellowship and fun together as a church. It is interesting to see some of […]

Heroes T.V. Series

        I have never watched a single episode of Heroes, until tonight. Today was the big premiere of season three. Christina has always been a fan of this T.V. series; therefore I decided to join her tonight. I would always hear about how good this series is from her and other people, […]

Ear Piercing

My baby girl got her ears pierced today. Awhile back we asked Karissa what she wanted for her birthday and without hesitation she said, “I want my ears pierced!” So after talking it through with Christina, we decided to go for it. The “recommended” time for kids to get their ears pierced vary, but people […]

Twitter Resurrection

It has been about a year since I signed up for my Twitter account. I have mostly used it to keep in touch with a handful of friends (some who are overseas). It has been a great way to just keep in touch with what is going on with our lives on a regular basis. […]

Karissa’s Party

Karissa finally got to celebrate her birthday with some of her friends at Jump City – a premier inflatable indoor party zone. It is so different having a birthday party at Jump City with a bunch of girls compared to just boys. It is a bit calmer, but nevertheless it is chaotic with all the […]

Josiah’s Soccer Team(s)

Josiah decided to play soccer, not only for the Vardar Ann Arbor club team but also for his school’s team. At first, Christina and I were a bit hesitant due to the increase of school work in middle school, his commitment to Velocity (our Junior High ministry), and other responsibilities. But he wanted to play […]

DJ in Town

Yesterday, DJ Chuang came into town to spend a few days with us. He is a fellow networker, strategist and innovator, who has a great big heart for God’s Kingdom. DJ currently works with the L2 Foundation and also with Leadership Network. It is always awesome to talk with guys who are constantly thinking about […]

Bye Bye to Set Ups

Yesterday, at our Friday ACCESS gathering, it was our last time of setting up our band equipment at Angell Hall. It was a pretty moving moment as we have been a portable church for the last 12 years. I think the worship team got a bit misty eyed and nostalgic 🙂 But I think they […]

Getting Closer Every Day

Now with 3 more days before the big inaugural celebration, we are trying our best to get everything ready. In football terms, it is 1st and goal and we are on the 10 yard line. It always takes great focus to bring the ball over for a touchdown. It always boggles the average “sports watcher” […]

Kids’ Are Back in School

Yesterday, the kids started school for this new year. Even though they had a half day, the reality of going back on a tight schedule hit all of us. The summer fun has ended and now we are back in business with academics and their other extra curricular activities. After this week, Karissa will even […]

Covenant Retreat 2008

It was a great inaugural celebration (I will write more about it at a later time). Right after a time of fellowship, Pastor Ben took me to the airport so that I can head back to Ann Arbor. I am currently waiting for my connecting flight in Chicago’s O’Hare airport so that I can rush […]

New Encounter 2008

We had an awesome time at this year’s New Encounter. All the guys who prepared for the night did a great job of putting things together. They made it into a Top Ten show and Pastor Andrew was trying to be the Asian David Letterman 🙂 I don’t know what it is but either I […]

Reconnecting with Former My Youth Pastor

Yesterday, Pastor David Yang came to Ann Arbor to drop of his 2nd son for the start of the UM school year. It was great reconnecting with him. It is hard to believe that he was my youth pastor almost 20 years ago. As were eating lunch, we were reminiscing about the past and we […]

Contact Lens for Josiah

Yesterday, Josiah and Elliot went in to the eye doctor to get their eyes examined. After the exam, I found out that they both needed to get new eye prescriptions. I am always amazed at how eye doctors can be patience during the examination as they ask, “which is clearer… number 1 or number 2.” […]

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