Hanging Out with Paul and Family

It has been great having Paul and his family hang out with us. Friday night, he shared from his life and some testimonies of the work that is being done in S.E. Asia. He has only been there for 3 years and already he is finding himself picking up more of the local language. It […]

Missions Week 2008

        I just got back from Jakarta. I can’t wait to share more of what God is doing in that part of the world this coming Sunday. It was great having a meal together with the family tonight. After all the meals on the road and all the company of people that […]

Christina’s B-Day 2008

We were able to celebrate Christina’s birthday before I took off for Jakarta. We followed in our tradition by having a meal (this time it was a snack since Christina and I were going to have dinner together), going around and saying why we are thankful for the birthday person and then having cake together. […]

We Were Wrong

It is interesting when a business website catches wind of a church apologizing to the public. In an article on the Entrepreneur.com website, Keith Stewart, lead pastor of Springcreek Church in Garland, TX gives a public apology about the failure of the Church by taking out a full page ad in The Dallas Morning News […]

Stained Glass Windows

        This is a picture inside the Alice Miller Chapel on the Northwestern University campus in Evanston, IL. It is beautiful. It really took my breath away as I saw all these stain glass windows. It was not the typical iconic windows with all the Christian themes, but it still had the […]

Pastor’s Appreciation Chapel

I just came back from my kids’ school. They invited various pastors to come and join them for a special chapel time, in order to honor the pastors for Clergy Appreciation Month. It was great being part of their chapel. It allowed me to see what the boys were learning in their chapel times. This […]

Undergraduate Retreat 2008

        We are all pumped for the Undergraduate Retreat this year. We are going to make history by having our first joint retreat with 3 campuses (Northwestern University, University of Illinois-Chicago, and University of Michigan). This is going to be a great opportunity for us to cast a vision for the students […]

The Green Bible

        As I was getting my daily dose of news and other tidbits from the internet, I came across the religion section in USA Today. There was an article on the newly released Green Bible. I guess one of the cool things about this Bible is that it lives out what it […]

Jesus and Politics

        I am pretty pumped about this Sunday’s message called, “Jesus and Politics.” I know that those two words might not mix very well especially in the secular world, but it is something that we have to try to address. This election year is pretty huge. We have the opportunity to make […]

In Moderation

Christina has always been shouting out her mantra of “moderation, moderation, everything in moderation” to me for years. She has seen my extreme personality for the last 12+ years of marriage – whether it is getting into my coffee craze or my tea craze or my ESPN addiction, the list can go on and on. […]

Missing Mommy

It was a great reunion when Christina and Josiah came back from Indianapolis. The kids really missed their mommy and believe it or not, they missed their brother. I realized how important stability is in a home. There were many times within the last couple of days, where KiKi would sometimes wonder and ask where […]

Playing Mr. Mom

For the next few days I will be playing the role of Mr. Mom. Christina went to Indianapolis with Josiah for his premiere league soccer tournament, so I am at home with Elliot and KiKi. Christina and I are realizing that Josiah’s soccer is going to take some major commitments, as he will be traveling […]

Fireproof Your Marriage

        Tonight our LIFE Group did an activity together. We decided to watch the new Fireproof movie. Since we are a married couples group and the movie was about a marriage, we thought it would be a good idea to see it. This movie was made by the same church that made […]

Conclusion of “Our Journey” Series

        Tomorrow, we will be concluding our Sunday Sermon series called, “Our Journey.” It has been helpful to look at the life of Moses and see how God was authoring the salvation story through a man who had his fair share of weaknesses. But isn’t this the testimony of so many people, […]

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