Global ACCESS Retreat 2009

        Tonight we are going to start the Global ACCESS (GA) Retreat. We started this ministry to international students because over the years we have noticed that more international students were coming out to our church. The needs are somewhat similar to any college student but yet they are very different because […]

My Girl Scout Daisy

The family and I went to Karissa’s Girl Scout special gathering. Some of the local troops in the Ann Arbor area got together to do various presentations for the parents as well as the other Girl Scouts. It was great seeing Karissa learning some good values of what it means to be a woman (or […]

What Not to Do in an Interview

Last night on David Letterman, Joaquin Phoenix came on to do an interview about his new movie, Two Lovers. This is probably the most hilarious interview on Letterman or any talk show for that matter. In the day-after, people are saying that he was on “something” therefore could not be coherent or functional. When I […]

Call + Response

        I am so proud of our guys. Some of them decided to take a step of faith and “try” something different than the normal “Praise Night” that we have been having for the last 12 years to reach out to people. With this generation being the most activist or “caused-oriented” generation […]

Rewired Sermon Series

        This series is a by-product of many months and weeks of discussion with the pastoral staff, as well as with the church staff. In all my counseling session, I have noticed that there is always a common thread to a lot of the problems that people were facing – an incorrect […]

MLK 2009

This year’s Martin Luther King, Jr’s celebration will be like none other. It is amazing how key moments in history intersect with current events. With the inauguration of our first African-American president tomorrow, King’s dream of equality and freedom is becoming a reality. Who would have ever imagined that on the nation’s capital, where King […]

Photojournalism at Its Best

There is something powerful about photos and pictures and how they are able to capture a moment in history. The famous phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words” is so aptly used to describe how a single picture can tell a powerful story. When a single picture is able to move me, then I […]

Invested Sermon Series

        We are starting a new sermon series for this New Year. As the staff and I have been praying and thinking about this coming year, we came to the conclusion that we needed to start off this season of ministry addressing the topic of investment. We must never forget this principle: […]

Earthquakes and Indonesia

I keep on forgetting that the various islands of Indonesia are located in the infamous Ring of Fire. This causes some of the greatest volcanic eruptions, as well as strong earthquakes. It is recorded that majority of the earthquakes and some of the greatest earthquakes in magnitude occur in this region. Even today, in the […]

Covenant Christmas Party

The married couples of HMCC (Covenant group) had our annual Christmas party. I really enjoy these times. Since it is hard to see all the married couples in our church at the same time, these gatherings are all the more special. Whenever we have an opportunity to gather all together, it is always a treat […]

HMCC Board Summit 12.20.08

Yesterday we finished our Board Summit. After everything was over, I was just thankful for the friendships and partnership we had with one another. I am blessed to have such high caliber people to work with and to build God’s Kingdom. We had all the global pastors come and join us and it was encouraging […]

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