Optimism on Good Friday

  Photo by “The Passion of the Christ”     I have always wondered why they call one of the most gruesome days in history “Good Friday.” How about calling it “Shocking Friday” or “Horrific Friday”? Maybe that will put more of an emphasis on what Christ went through for us on the cross. I […]

The Power of Music

  I have been a strong advocate of the universality of music and how it is an incredible medium to communicate a message. There is something powerful about music and how it speaks to the heart. It really does supersede culture, language and nationality. This is why I believe that the next great evangelist of […]

Passion Week Reflections 2009

  Picture of Saint Joseph’s Cathedral     As we have started the Passion Week (Jesus’ agonizing journey to the cross, hence “Passion” = “Suffering”), I realized that it is so easy to just go through the motions and forget the significance of it in the midst of our busy schedules. But the way we […]

Cultural Faux Pas

PA Photo     Many of the British news outlets caught it right away, while some of the other foreign journalists did not notice it at all. Now, talk is circulating in the media that Michelle Obama made a huge cultural faux pas, when she placed her hand on the back of Queen Elizabeth II […]

The Need for Evaluation?

Photo by Carmody Consulting     John Ortberg wrote an article for Leadership Journal that was pretty insightful. He addressed the topic of “evaluation.” It is clear that there are many people who do not evaluate themselves and their ministry. Ortberg writes, “Some people refuse to ask any questions about effectiveness at all, on the […]

The Last Sermon

Photo from FBC website     In light of the tragic death of Rev. Fred Winters of First Baptist Church in Maryville, IL, it is hard to believe we have come to a point in this world where people are being gunned down in churches. Even though this is not the first time a gunman […]

All-Night Prayer 2009

    It has been awhile since our church had an All-Night Prayer Gathering. After coming off the 21 Days of Awakening, as the pastoral staff and I talked, we felt a greater sense of urgency with prayer. Usually when God prompts His people to prayer, it is because there is something that God wants […]

The Beauty of Skylines

Photo by Richard Seaman       USA Today published an article called, 10 Great Places to Study Skylines of the World. The list was created by James Blakeway, who is the author of “Skylines of the World.” I have always had a slight artistic side in me; therefore when that side mixes with my […]

Lent 2009

It is about that time of the year again where we prepare ourselves for the week that leads up to Jesus’ death and resurrection. Every year it has been good to fast (give up something) for 40 days in order to prepare our hearts for the Passion Week. For some reason, this Lenten season has […]

Bollywood vs. Hollywood

  AP Photo       On Monday it was awesome to read that on the 81st Academy Awards (Oscars) “Slumdog Millionaire” won 8 Oscars. It is a great achievement, especially knowing that the some of the actors and actresses were directly from India. Christina and I have not watched it yet (it has been […]

Kids’ Piano Recital

Yesterday, our family headed out to the kids’ piano recital. It was a great seeing them practice all throughout the week to memorize their piece. We were so proud of them and all their hard work. The recital was made up of all the students of teacher Amber who is doing an awesome job of […]

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