Our Step of Faith

  Today has finally arrived. Pretty much, Christina and I stayed up all-night trying to finish up last minute cleaning and packing (well, it was more because of my stuff). As we got picked up to go to the airport, Christina and I did a double check to make sure that we did not leave […]

Jakarta Send Off Service

        Today, we had our send off service for the Jakarta Team. Christina said that I would tear up sometime during my sermon. I challenged her to place a bet on it. Let’s just say that I got on the stage and didn’t even say a word and I lost it. I […]

Greener on the Other Side

  Photo by Panoramio       I couldn’t help but to overhear a conversation at a cafe the other day. I was working on my paper and even with the music in the background their voices carried over to my ear. I was not eavesdropping… they just had very loud voices 🙂 One guy […]

Setbacks and Obstacles

  Photo by Stanley Bronstein       Life sometimes gets frustrating when there are unending setbacks. It is like taking a step forward and then realizing that you are two steps back. This can easily produce discouragement, pessimism, despair, and apathy. Recently, I have been experiencing a wide range of emotions. With our departure […]

Exercise and Mood

        Christina has always been an advocate about exercise. She has even tried to convince me about the correlation between exercise and mood. She constantly reminds me of the importance of exercise – not only does she want me to live a long time, but she always references my mood and attitude […]

Celebrating 13 Years

  Photo by Mississippi Family Law       Today I am celebrating 13 years of marriage with Christina. It has been quite an adventure with all its ups and downs. It is hard to believe that after 3 kids and doing ministry together that we are still trying our best to grow in love […]

A Deeper Appreciation for Routine

  Photo by Fitness Walking Guide       Routine and I have a love-hate relationship. I am an enigma when it comes to routine, structure and order. There is a side of me that desperately cries out for things to be put nicely into “systems.” But there is another side of me that despises […]

Returning to the Grid

  It has been about two weeks since I have written in my blog (and Twitter). In the first couple of days, I felt like an addict going through withdrawal symptoms and having a nervous breakdown (half-joking). But it has been good for my soul. The last few months have been one of toughest periods […]

Blog Writing Sabbatical

  I have told people that one trait of an effective leader is the ability to communicate. Whether it is through speaking or writing, it really doesn’t matter, just as long as they are communicating. The reason for this is because in the words of the leadership guru, John Maxwell, “Leadership is influence, nothing more […]

Refreshed and Ready to Go

  For the last 4 days, I was away with a handful of pastors to challenge and sharpen one another. In fact our group is called, chadad, which is the Hebrew word for “to sharpen.” It can also be translated as, “to be fierce.” This word is used in Proverbs 27:17 where it says, “As […]

Grad Night 2009

      I am getting pumped for the Grad Night tonight. It is always a bitter sweet moment for me. It is exciting that we will be able to commission another class to go and engage the world with the Gospel message. But yet, it will be sad saying bye to many of these […]

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