My Reflections on Criticisms of HMCC

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Since this past summer, I have had time for some deep personal reflection. As I heard of the situation at the church where I grew up while I was in university, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed, hurt, discouraged, and even angry.

While feeling some of these emotions, I had to look introspectively at the last 25 years of doing ministry at HMCC. With some reflection and spending time with the Lord, I realized that I have hurt people over the years due to my words, my tone of voice, and my attitude. Some of my interactions and treatment of people were not loving nor was it honoring to Christ. Often times, it was rooted in my own self-centeredness, pride, and self-sufficiency. For this, I want to apologize and say I am sorry.

I am grateful to the people that God has used to speak the truth and bring up these issues with me. I will continue to work on these issues. I am (have been) inviting the Global Leadership Team, leaders, and my accountability partners to speak into my life. I do pray that by God’s grace, I can continue my growth in my love for God and love for people as I move forward.

I know that serving God is a privilege and something that I do not deserve. As an under-shepherd of God’s flock, I understand the gravity of the responsibility that I have to represent Christ in the way I do ministry; therefore, I want to do better and keep growing to become more like Christ.

Lastly, to those of you who have been hurt by my words, my attitude, or my interactions, if you feel comfortable, please feel free to contact me (DM me at any of the social media @sethskim). I am hoping that with humility and God’s love, genuine Christ-centered reconciliation can happen, as well as, God’s healing work. For those of you who are members of our HMCC churches, thank you for your patience with me, as well as with all the other pastors, staff, and leaders. My prayer is that we can all grow from this and learn to continue to be on God’s mission of transforming lives and transforming the world together. May God bless you.

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