Celebrated Our Team’s 1st B-Day

It is hard to believe that it has been over a month that the team and our family have been together here in Indonesia. We have already gone through a lot of things together and have become more of a family unit. We are learning the biblical principles of Acts 2 in a real and tangible way.

Part of being a family unit is the joy of celebrating the team members’ birthdays together. The first one to celebrate their birthday in Indonesia was Sarah. Since today was her birthday, we “tried” our best to surprise her with a dinner and cake. But I think she caught on pretty quickly.

We went to an Indian restaurant because not only did Sarah like Indian food but we decided to try something new. Before the food came out, I made everyone participate in the Kim family tradition of going around and saying one thing we appreciate about the birthday person. The comments were encouraging and endearing. I think Sarah got blessed 🙂

Then we headed to our home to finish the celebration with a cake.

The next birthday will be from our youngest member; and she is already dreaming about her party and inviting all her friends from school. I am just hoping that the princess theme or the Hannah Montana theme will not rule the day.
Sarah's B-Day
Happy b-day Sarah!
Sarah's Cake
We only had four candles but it sufficed because the cake was so good

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