Pastor’s Appreciation Chapel

I just came back from my kids’ school. They invited various pastors to come and join them for a special chapel time, in order to honor the pastors for Clergy Appreciation Month.

It was great being part of their chapel. It allowed me to see what the boys were learning in their chapel times. This month they were focusing on the different names of God. Today, they focused on God being the “Shepherd” and how the pastors were God’s under-shepherds.

The students divided into various chapel huddle groups and the pastors were invited to joined a group. The students went around and prayed for the pastor and then the pastor prayed for the students. I was blessed as the students prayed for me. Nothing beats a child’s heartfelt prayer.

Afterwards, I ended up fellowshipping with some of the different pastors in our city.

The best part was when they gave us two fresh homemade apple pies to take with us. The principal said, “Instead of these pies going to waste, we will let it go to your waist.
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They had a praise band for chapel… it was seeing the kids involved in the service

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