Conclusion of “Our Journey” Series

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Tomorrow, we will be concluding our Sunday Sermon series called, “Our Journey.” It has been helpful to look at the life of Moses and see how God was authoring the salvation story through a man who had his fair share of weaknesses. But isn’t this the testimony of so many people, not only in the Bible but also in our world today.

This has been a good series, not only in terms of the joy in preaching this series, but also to see the response of the people. It has really been a timely series for our church members. Especially, since many are struggling to see God’s Sovereignty in their lives.

By looking at Moses’ life from a panoramic view, it has helped us in looking at our lives from the bigger perspective. We talked about how God “connects our past” and helps us “confront our obstacles.” Tomorrow I am going to conclude by talking about the “challenges of the unknown.”

There is something about the unknown that causes a lot of fear and produces insecurity in a person’s life. But tomorrow, we will be reminded of God’s Presence that is already going ahead of us into the future and also that is with us as we move into the unknowns.

It just all comes down to the issue of faith and trust – what else is new?

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