Birthday and Father’s Day

Today was an extra bonus day. The family and I celebrated not only my birthday but also Father’s Day. I am truly an undeserving man – not only has the Lord blessed me with life but with an awesome family who love me and care for me. My kids each ended up making and writing separate birthday cards for me. It was moving to read what they expressed from their hearts. They are precious.

During Sunday Celebration today, the moms in the church read a thank you card for their husbands. When Christina read her card out loud to me, it almost made me cry… I definitely had some “misty eye action” going on.

Then later in the afternoon, the family and I celebrated together with a cake and the opening of presents. Afterwards, Christina and I went out to a nice fine-dining restaurant in downtown Ann Arbor. We love this place, especially for their filet mignon. The best part of it is that they give 50% off on your total bill on your birthday! Even better is when you actually end up making money because we didn’t used all the money on the gift certificate that someone in our church gave to us.

Today was an awesome day! I am truly blessed.

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