Thoughts on “The Multi-Site Church Revolution”

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It was great reading up on the whole multi-site revolution that is happening in the churches across the United States, as well as around the world. God is definitely up to something.

This book highlighted various churches are and have become the catalyst for the movement. They also give some practical principles to follow through on. The more I think about it, the way we did the site in Chicago was a bit unconventional. But by God’s grace and with a lot of various factors, it worked for us.

The thought that constantly came to my mind as I was reading this book was – “Isn’t this multi-site church model just a revamping of the biblical principle that worked in the Book of Acts?” When you think about it, the early church, due to persecution did not have church buildings to meet in nor were they able to meet publicly in large meetings. This is why the early church was so viral. They met in their homes and also in smaller gatherings with relationships they had in their neighborhoods and workplaces.

I am wondering if the “multi-site church revolution” is really a 21st century redesign of a 1st century phenomenon. This is the great thing about biblical principles – it transcends time and culture.

It is my prayer that the Gospel will go viral in various university campuses around the world because once we reach the campuses, we will be able to reach the communities. Once we reach the communities, we will be able to reach the cities; and once we reach the cities, we will reach the nations.

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