Elliot’s 8th B-Day

We, as a family celebrated Elliot’s birthday yesterday. We continued in our tradition of allowing the birthday person to pick the restaurant that they wanted to go to in order to celebrate their special day. Guess what Elliot picked? Famous Dave’s ribs!

I guess my kids have already acquired the taste for “healthy” foods 🙂

We also followed in with our other tradition of going around and saying one thing that we appreciate about the birthday person. Christina and I have taught the kids that we are God’s gift to one another and it is important to remind the birthday person how much they mean to us and in what ways our lives have been enriched by their presence.

As they are getting older it is getting easier for them to look at the person in the eyes and genuinely say it without laughing. You should have seen the earlier years. But we have to start them young.

It was great to see Elliot enjoy the food and even the song that the Famous Dave’s staff sang for him. We love Elliot… he adds so much to our family.
Elliot's 8th B-Day Song.JPG
Elliot wanting the song to end so that he can eat the free ice cream cake
Elliot's 8th B-Day Ribs.JPG
Ladies… the way into Elliot’s heart is through food!

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