What’s on Your Calendar?

I was just recently reading an article that caught my attention. It read, “What’s on Your Calendar?” For some reason I was drawn to read the article because my mind was thinking, “there are a lot of things on my calendar.”

The article was written by H. B. London Jr. who oversee the pastoral ministries at Focus on the Family. He writes,

“There is a commercial now running on television that concludes with the words, ‘What’s in your wallet?’ This past month and early into January, I have received any number of calendars. Today, as I was looking at a new one just opened, I thought, ‘What’s on your calendar?’ The more I pondered that statement, the more profound the thought became – ‘What’s on your calendar?’

The Psalmist wrote in the beautiful 139th Psalm, ‘All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be’ (v.16). A divine calendar whose entries were penned by God Himself. He had things in mind for us. I often wonder how my calendar compares with His.

As most of you know, my assignment at Focus on the Family requires that I travel a lot. Some of those trips are ‘calendared’ several years in advance. There are times when I forget them until they are upon me. I live my days by a calendar – some days hour-by-hour. But the question remains: ‘What’s on your calendar?’

For instance, does each day note adequate time for you to spend with your Lord? Hopefully, those times are early in the morning. I trust your calendar provides you with sufficient time to show honor and concern for your family members. Does each month have a notation that reads ‘date with spouse’ and/or ‘quality time with my daughter’? Perhaps, ‘basketball game Friday at 7:00 pm.’ What we hear so often from your colleagues is a cry from their families just to be included.

Another entry in your calendar should be the yearly medical check-up. I must admit someone usually places that one on for me – but honest, my friends, ‘the temple’ deserves some special attention. If you do not make time, you place your effectiveness in jeopardy.

How about clearing an afternoon or two each week to ‘walk in the village,’ to rub shoulders with those in your community who need to see you from a perspective outside the pulpit? You shepherd best one-on-one. Oh, and what about your day off? Do you guard it or do you allow other things to take away your sabbath? Is your vacation scheduled for 2006? If you don’t do it, soon the pages will be filled with other things.

I don’t mean to belabor the fact, but your calendar tells more about you than anything. It speaks of spiritual discipline, priorities and, most of all, your intimacy with the God who called you and your special gift called family.

In many ways, there is truth to what he was writing. Just like our check books tell a lot about what we value and what is important to us, our calendars (or lack of one) communicates something to us. I am trying to find a better balance with everything that is on my plate. Some of the things that are on my calendar are pretty obvious (i.e. family, time with God, sermon preparations, etc) but other things need more attention.

The tricky part is always trying to separate what is good from what is the best. This is why spending some time in prayer and seeking the Lord helps in the discernment process.
“Man’s steps are ordained by the LORD” (Pr 20:24, NASB)

“I know, O LORD, that a man’s life is not his own; it is not for man to direct his steps”
(Jer 10:23, NIV).

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