Chillin’ with the Family in NYC

We are wrapping up our short 2 day trip to NYC. I think this has been the most walking I have done in a long time (I am pretty sure I have done my whole year’s worth in the last 2 days). As we have been trying to cut cost, we decided to save some money on transportation by taking the subway and walking to various places.

Today was also the day for waiting in lines. I am pretty sure God designed the process of waiting in lines for things as a way to purify a person and develop patience 🙂 We waited close to 2 hours in line for the Statue of Liberty tour and then we waited in line to get some cheap tickets for a Broadway show. By God’s grace, there were still some cheap tickets available for “The Little Mermaid.” It was truly a miracle! It was KiKi’s dream come true and the boys’ nightmare. But after the show was over, everyone expressed their delight. The show was beautifully done.

One thing that stuck out for me today was seeing the American Merchant Mariners Memorial in Battery Park.
Merchant Mariners Memorial.JPG
I took this picture as we were waiting in line to go to see the Statue of Liberty. This memorial was a portrayal of a dramatic rescue on a merchant marine vessel after it was attacked by a German U-Boat. At first, I was not able to see the submerged hand that was reaching out to the person on the sinking boat. But when the water receded with the outgoing wave, I was able to see that the person on the boat was reaching out to a person who was drowning.

This picture etched in my mind just one phrase – “rescue the lost.” I couldn’t help but to think what a great depiction of a Christ-follower reaching out to a person who is drowning in their sins. God has called us to participate with Him in rescuing as many people as possible from the grips of Hell. The question is – “Am I willing to risk my life to save others?” It just reminded me of my mission in life.
Carnegie Deli 2008.JPG
One of my favorite places to eat! Their corn beef and pastrami sandwich is off-the-hook.
Time Square 2008.JPG
Right at the heart of the city at Time Square and Broadway
Kids and Lady Liberty.JPG
Elliot “educated” us with his knowledge of the Lady Liberty tidbits
Kids and Subway.JPG
The kids loved the subway!
Little Mermaid 2008.JPG
Closed out the night with a Broadway show, which was God’s gift to us

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