Valentine’s Day Over-rated?

Christina and I are so different. Maybe this is one of the reasons why God brought us together – to humble us and make us more like His Son 🙂

We kind of have a different take on Valentine’s Day. I think it is great that there is a day where we can focus in on our love and commitment to each other, even though there are other days throughout the year as well (i.e. wedding anniversary).

For Christina, she thinks it is a bit over-rated because everyday should be Valentine’s Day. In her words, “We should always be remembering and growing in our love for one another.” Hmm… that is what I meant to say.

Behind all the hype and commercialization, I am excited to spend some time with her today. It is going to be a surprise (a month or so in the making). Sorry I cannot divulge any information because she reads my blog once in awhile 🙂

Since Christina is a planner, I had to at least give her the basic 411 so that she will be able to plan out things for the kids. So I told her: dinner about 1 hour away (I am going to take her to a place where they serve one of her favorite foods). Dessert. An adventure around town that we have never visited before.

I never want to get tired of laughing, learning, loving and living life together.

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