“Unleashed” Sermon Series

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I am excited about starting a new sermon series for the start of this 2008 year. Awhile back, the staff and I were talking about the lack of knowledge and even the preconceived notions we have about the Holy Spirit. Sadly to say, we often times refer to Him as an object or simply as an “it.”

I am seeing too many Christ-followers who are not living out the dunamis (Greek for “might” or “power” and where we get the English word “dynamite”) life that God has destined for us through the Holy Spirit.

As we start this series we want to experience God’s explosive power.

We will be looking into the Person of the Holy Spirit. Then, we will examine the gifts of the Holy Spirit; and finally, look into how the Holy Spirit helps us to engage the spiritual battle.

We want to see God “unleash” His anointing to empower and equip us for our destiny.

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