Men’s Gathering with Robert Barriger

Even though it was a last minute request to have a men’s/women’s gathering with Robert and Karyn, they were humbly willing to serve the church.

The men gathered together and were reminded of our calling as men. Once again, the truth was reiterated – “we are male by birth but men by choice.” Principles such as courage, valor, being men of our word, giant killers, and etc were spoken to our lives. The powerful thought for the night was that the choices we make now affects the people in the future – our future spouse, our future children, our future grandchildren, and our future relationships where we can influence them for Christ. Our choices are for “them.”

Then we had a great time of prayer, as the men of our church. The imagery that I got was a picture of a warrior guard the House of the Lord – “we will protect this house!”

Afterwards I talked with Christina and she mentioned that the women’s gathering went well. Karyn’s personal stories were not only hilarious but they highlighted the truth of God’s grace and mercy in a person’s life.

We are looking forward to tonight’s gathering where the whole church will be coming together to seek the Lord with one heart.

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