Chillin’ with the Kim Family

Yesterday, we had the Executive Team over to our place for food and a time of fellowship. We grilled some fajitas and had other side dishes that awaken our taste buds. Some of the desserts that were brought over were excellent as well. Afterwards we played Guesstures – guys vs. gals! No comment on who won 🙂

Then the Executive Team decided to bless me with a belated birthday present. When I opened up the gift, I was pretty shocked and overwhelmed. It was an outer jacket that I have always wanted but it was too expensive to get on my own. Wow! I was truly honored because I knew that many of these Executive Team members did not have a lot of money.

Whenever I receive a great gift, I am reminded of the principle: the greater the unworthiness of the recipient, the greater the gratitude when a great gift is received. It is a constant reminder of God’s great gift of salvation to us – we are truly undeserving.

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