Josiah’s Double Digit B-Day

Today was Josiah’s 10th birthday. Christina and I decided that when our kids turn 10 years old, they would stop having birthday parties with their friends – practical reasons as well as budget constraints.

Instead, we allow them to choose an activity that they want to do with the whole family and then they get to choose a place to go out to eat. Josiah chose to go glo-golfing and eat at a Japanese restaurant.

It was a joy to see Josiah getting surprised by his presents. There was one in particular that he liked – a baseball glove. It reminded me of the time when I was young and received a baseball glove from my parents.

I can’t believe our kids are growing up. When they were babies, I couldn’t wait for them to grow up and now, it seems like they are growing up too quickly. I have 8 more years with Josiah before he goes off to college.
Josiah's Cake.jpg
We ran out of candles so we told Josiah to pretend we had 10 candles
Josiah's Glove.jpg
Oh the joy a baseball glove can bring to a child’s heart
Family at JoJo's 10th.jpg
Family picture after the glo-golf

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